What is SMMUG ? It stands for Southern Maryland Mac Users Group, and
this was our lame attempt at a catchy name :)

We are a group of Mac users (obviously) who thought there might be a
number of other Mac users out there that might like to get together,
once a month and discuss mac's. We don't have a set schedule of
topics, but hope that we can learn more about our computers, the
operating system, and any cool new applications out there for the Mac.

Ever buy a new "cool" item (software, printer, scanner, mouse,
etc..) and get home and go "now what?" Don't make long distance
phone calls to the maker of the item, ask us!! Our group is small,
but very experienced with Mac's.

Our start-up group is made up of a Mac Technician, his wife and
daughter, as well as two school teachers. We spend time, weekly,
putting Mac's back into working condition for local schools and
non-profit organizations. Each week we've discussed and brainstormed
to help each other out with our own personal computers, and realized
others out there might need some help as well.

The organization we volunteer with, one night a week, is called
SMARTCO (Southern Maryland Applied Research & Technology, Inc.).
Taking in donated computers, sorting and refurbishing systems to be
used in our schools gives us the feeling of doing our part for our
community. One of the teachers became a regular after our Mac
technician's daughter (also part of the group) insisted he come help
her build Mac's for her school. This gave her a great sense of pride
and let her see that teachers are people too. He's enjoyed it so
much he told other teachers to come check it out and they have
volunteered their time as well.

Although we pick on each other and joke around a lot, the things
we've learned together as a group is unmeasurable. What could be
better then learning and having fun at the same time?